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Top 5 Kite Tattoos + Sources

My husband and I were always in love with tattoos.

Personally I do not have any because of my religion but my husband basically has enough for the both of us haha.

I am sorry we haven’t been posting much lately. My has has been trying to learn how to tattoo and iv’e been supporting him.

We came across the Idea of posting kite tattoos while looking for new content to post and ran across my tattoo shop income where my husband was looking to learn how to tattoo .

We also realise that Blogs such as Forbes, Huffington Post etc. always like to post their top 10 list on specific topic so I guess if it works, it works.

TOP 5 Kite Tattoos



女孩的風箏 #theretattoo#girltattoo#cutetattoo#lovetattoo#kitetattoo#littletattoo

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Pipa para Viviane 🌌 #galaxytattoo #kitetattoo

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Things you didn’t know about Kites !

Kites have always been designed differently constructed differently and even flown differently, for many years within cultures of the world.

The major ones being India, China, Malaysia and Japan. Kites have remained and will probably always remain to be a cultural artefact for these regions as means of keeping contact with their ancestors.

Believe it or not, Kite competitions are very popular. Several Regions have regional kite-fests and even yearly national competitions where the best of the best go at it.


Kites aren’t only used for cultural reasons. I remember growing up as a kid and my gardener and I would watch videos on youtube and learnt how to build our own kites made with garbage bags, which surprisingly worked really well. Even though I was just holding a string and watching the kite fly, it was surprisingly amusing. I would sometimes spend hours out there with my kite, sometimes forgetting about the world and disappearing in my own mind. I enjoyed the struggle of fighting with the wind and the battle of try to even get the kite in the air. Kites played a huge part in my childhood and will definitely show my kids how to fly kites one day.

Kiting Records

No matter where you are in the world, there are always those people who love a challenge. There are those who get a thrill from breaking a record or even a mental high. It may be even more exciting to break someone else’s record. This is not the exception in the kite community. Here

Here are some older records

• October 1990 – Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan

A 73 year old man by the name of  Mr. Satao Harada, set a new record by flying the greatest number of kites on a single line. This amazing man flew 11,284 kites.

Kite Resources: bamboo and polyethylene

Time: They flew for 18 minutes (took 3 hours to get them up).

• November 18, 1990. Michel Trouillet who was raised in France set the record for the longest kite ever flown. It took six month to build his dragon kite, which was 3,394 feet long and weighed 223 pounds. After 35 seconds of flying the line broke. 

• The largest kite ever flown was 5,952 feet long.

• May 1898 Henry Clayton set the record for highest single kite flown.

• Pete di Giacomo set a record for the fastest kite ever on September 22, 1989. It was a stunt kite with two lines that were about 80 feet long. The kite was clocked at 120 mph.

• The greatest lift by a single kite was 728 pounds by G. William Tyrell on September 23, 1984.

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